Our Funding

As a result of the 2010 Census counts, Indiana was granted over $11 billion in federal funding.

Our Democracy

Our state is assigned seats in the House of Representatives based on our state’s population.

Our Economy

Businesses use census data to determine where to build factories, storefronts, and offices.

That’s just the big picture. Here’s what the count can do for Delaware County:


Delaware County is home to several school districts, all deserving a slice of that $11 billion pie. A complete, accurate count ensures they get their fair share.


The spirit of giving is alive and well in Delaware County. From food banks to arts programs, nonprofit organizations receive funding directed by census data to continue doing good work in our community.


We have eight major highways connecting us to the rest of the country. By providing a complete, accurate count, we can secure funding to ensure those roads keep being worked on.

These are only a few of the benefits of a complete count.

A complete, accurate count is instrumental to our county and country’s development.

Help Delaware County thrive for the next decade, get counted.